A provider of promotional products isn't just about getting you the product. It's about getting the right product, delivered on-time to the right location with special care. Whether you need storage till the day of the event, kitting/assembly of multiple pieces, or drop shipment of goods to your consumer, our state of the art distribution facility and service oriented team can deliver the complete solution.

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Sometimes it just makes sense to purchase larger volumes to get a better purchase price. But what do you do with all of the excess inventory till you need more? Our storage solution is an easy way to use what you need now, and keep some on "Stand By" for a later use/project or when you just don't have the space.

 We understand the challenges of finding internal or external resources to rally around a special project. Whether the job requires multiple printed materials or items to be sorted and "kitted" together or you need another special touch, our Kitting/Assembly solutions can get the job done right.

It's your choice! We can bulk ship in pallets or cases, or dropship as each to many locations for your teams or clients. We'll work with you to determine the most viable solution to achieve your shipping and logistics needs.

Special handling, packing, kitting and shipping sometimes are just as important as procuring the product. Let us help you provide the full solution.


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